A Piece of Writing

Type: Realistic Fiction; Rated T; Original Piece
Status: Complete
Series: Stand-Alone
Preceding: N/A
Succeeding: N/A
Blurb: Short one-shot


"Movie's over, Idiot." I whisper in his ear. His eyes flutter open. "Hm?" His large hand feels for mine. "That movie sucked." He says, brutally honest, as usual. "It was a little ridiculous." I chuckle, leaning against his shoulder and entwining my arm with his. For a moment, we watch the credits scroll down the screen, silently, his fingers running through my hair.

I love doing this with him. Just sitting here, enjoying each other's company. It's better than when we're tipsy, or our hormones our raging. I could never get bored of his touch. His thumb is gently rubbing my palm. "Say," I start. I know it might be uncomfortable to ask, but I do it anyway. "Did you do this with any other girls?" My face flushes, and I stare at my hands. 

The look in his eyes is guily. "Yeah... Did you?" He puts an arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer. "Sort of. I mean... it wasn't like this, I guess. More just like hugs and kisses." I feel him tense up slightly. He doesn't like it when people flirt with me or talk about me in... that kind of way. I like it, actually. 

"Although..." His breath is hot against my neck. "I don't think I'll be doing this with anyone else, any time soon." 

I pull away, staring at him with shock and confusion. He pecks my forehead. "If you'd let me finish, I was going to say... except for you." The next kiss is on my lips. They never change. His lips are warm and perfect. Our first kiss - first real kiss - had been exactly the same. Nothing will ever compare to that first time our lips met.  "I hate everything about you." I manage to choke out when he breaks the kiss, lips grazing my neck slightly. "And why exactly would that be, my dear?" His hands have found my shoulders and are rubbing them gently. "I can't get you out of my head." He laughs, pressing his forehead to my temple. "Neither can I." Before my eyes close and I begin to fade, he repeats, much softer, "Neither can I."