A Piece of Writing

Author: Duck
Type: Original Story
Status: Working
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Blurb: Coming Soon!

Chapter 1Edit

Zach woke up, his bed's white sheets rumpled and wrinkled from the fitful sleep last night, somehow he couldn't get Lilli off of his mind, he remembered when they had broken up as if it was the night before, she giving him a kiss before telling him that she decided to start going out with the quarterback, but the rumor was that she was already going out with the quarterback and with summer here, Zach had absolutely nothing to do besides stare at the four walls of his room. Well, that and tumblr. Zach always had tumblr as a nice refuge from the regular high school drama.

He slowly climbed out of bed and walked into the bathroom, flipping on the light switch and looking groggily into the mirror, only to see a disheveled head of hair and black bags under his eyes. A shower, a shower will help, he thought to himself, slowly undressing before stepping under the faucet and turning it on to its' highest setting.

Zach sighed, the stress always seemed to escape his bones when he was in the shower, like the water just cleansed his body. The shower was also a quiet place where Zach could think and mull over his problems. No matter what, the shower would listen, and it wouldn't release his secrets.

More Coming Soon!

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